Thursday, January 12, 2006

Great stuff...

While you have the chance, check out -just one last dig at the Trojans here, donate a few bucks to the cause, buy a t-shirt, whatever. This one might sting them a little bit.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Marsh speaks on the Fiesta Bowl

Congratulations to Ohio State, clearly the Buckeyes were the better team on Monday. I have a lot of respect for their program, and they have been a great program over the last four years. And Thanks to Coach Weis and the Irish players for bringing the program back to upper pantheon of college football this year, the future is still very bright, and I fully expect to see them back in Tempe next year playing for the National Championship, We've got a lot of players coming back, and it will be yet another great season. It took a while to figure out how to move the ball on that OSU D, and they were impressive, eventually the Irish got it going in the second half a little, but they just couldnt stop Ohio State on offense, particularily on third downs, and hats off to OSU for that. After being a little down after the game, I realized, last year we were playing in Phoenix in the Insight Bowl, and didn't make a bowl the prior year, the program is on the fast track to being the powerhouse in college football, and one loss to a great OSU program does nothing to change that. With all 17 or 18 returning starters plus the injured Rhema McKnight and a great recruiting class with perhaps some instant impact players, next year the Irish may be impossible to stop, and I look forward with high hopes. Thanks to Coach Weis for a remarkable turnaround, and I look forward to him pacing the Irish sidelines for the next decade.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Marsh told you so, Oregon sucks...

I told you, I posted it here, Oregon sucks. They lost in the Holiday Bowl, I called that a month ago, Oregon, never again should you bitch and moan about the BCS- you don't belong! the
Pac1-0 conference is just that, 1 good program and a bunch of stiffs. The Fiesta Bowl got it right, two fine football teams going at it on January 2nd. I respect Ohio State, I'm not calling for a blowout, Im Calling it a 27-24 Notre Dame victory. And Duck fans can go hide under their rock now, your team is nothing more than the sequel to last years bitchy, whiny Cal team. You Do NOT belong in the upper echelon of college football, nor will you ever belong.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Marsh Rants on the NFL

Well, well, well. It’s the end of November, and as you know I’m a Viking fan living in the state of Wisconsin. And I’ve noticed some things, there’s a lot less people out and about wearing their green and gold, so much for those great Packer fans that were around for the last 12 years. I knew someday it would come to this, I remember the pre-Holmgren/Ron Wolf days, people were embarrassed, yes Lambeau was sold out, but there were a lot of empty seats, people were out snowmobiling, and doing other things as a means of entertainment rather than watching the Packers. And we’re seeing some of that now, seeing last Monday’s Viking game in Green Bay’s house, I watched on television, I had the opportunity to get tickets, but I found out too late to get out of work that Monday. During the Packers up years, you had to pretty much plan months in advance or prepare to spend a load of money on tickets. But last Monday, Lambeau was about 30% Viking fans supporting their then 4-5 team, while the 2-7 Packers’ fans gave away their seats. Turns out these fans aren’t so great, many of the same Packer fans are turning to wearing the Red and White of the University of Wisconsin, or wearing Milwaukee Bucks colors, the Bucks are an improving team. The Packers are a team that is falling into a deep and dark abyss, Mike Sherman is on the way out, Brett Favre is on the way out, it’s clear they don’t have a running game, who knows if Javon Walker will ever be himself again, they’re going to soon have Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback, and I’m sure the Packers will try to hire Steve Mariucci, who I think is a solid coach, but I would recommend to him not going to Green Bay, its not a good situation for him, when you look at it, the Packers look a lot like the Lions for the near future, with an Jeff Tedford Quarterback, and a lot of untalented or unproven players, as well as a General Manager who appears relatively clueless.

Now on to my beloved Vikings, I’m going to tell you that I’m awfully proud of this team, whether they rally to make the playoffs or not, it’s still a real possibility with five games left. The defense has meshed together rather well over the last six weeks, and they’re running the football well. I think Mike Tice has done a good job jumpstarting this team after a 1-4 start, the team is now 6-5 winning their last four, and five out of the last six games. I do not know if I’m ready to endorse keeping Mike Tice around, I still think I wait and see what happens to Jeff Fischer in Tennessee and Brian Billick in Baltimore, if one of those two become available, I think they should make that move, however if they do not become available, I would be satisfied in keeping Mike Tice and revamping his staff a bit, mainly a new offensive coordinator to replace Steve Loney. And Darren Sharper, this ties it all together, you think Packer fans miss this guy picking off passes left and right? According to all the Packer fans I know, this guy was a washed up has-been, apparently they were wrong, thanks for coming over to the good side Darren, we appreciate it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Marsh Rants on "Black Friday" Shoppers

You are idiots.

If you go shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving, get trampled, get pepper sprayed, get pushed around etc... Do not expect my sympathies, we see these stories every year, and inevitibly these jagbags end up blaming the store for lack of security? What the hell do you expect when 100's of you dumbasses are lining up at a store at 3 a.m. that opens at 7:oo? Do you want the stores to have an employee hold your hand throughout the store? What the hell? You deserve to be trampled and pepper sprayed, just for being a dumbass. Meanwhile, I'll sleep in on "Black Friday" then get up and watch some college football, then laugh at the news stories about you morons later that night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Marsh Rants on Oregon Football fans...

Ok, Oregon fans are bitching and moaning because a two-loss Notre Dame squad will likely lock Oregon out of the BCS. Whining, complaing all that good stuff. But here's a newsflash for them, even if the BCS somehow passed over Notre Dame or say Notre Dame layed an egg against Cuse or Stanford as unlikely as that may be, they still would not choose Oregon. Oregon football is completely irrelevant. First of all lets look at who Bowls would probably pick over Oregon besides the Irish, they'd certainly take Ohio State as a two loss team, or Alabama and Virginia Tech as one-loss teams, if LSU were to lose in the SEC Championship game, they'd likely pick the Bayou Bengals over them, if Miami were to choke yet again against FSU in the ACC title game, they'd take Miami, hell if UCLA were to beat USC, they'd take both fellow Pac 10 teams over Oregon. Oregon has no national appeal, no national interest. Hell they have a damn Leaf playing quarterback. Come on Oregon fans, enjoy that Holiday Bowl and the likely whipping put on you by Texas Tech, grin and bear it.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Marsh Rants Plays of the Week for 11/5/2005

Ok last week my picks went 2-3, I hit on Cincinnati and Auburn. In my big 5-Star game with TCU, San Diego State backdoored me at the end, I was rather pissed to say the least, but life goes on. Wisconsin just couldn’t pull away enough to cover the 20, and Missouri quite frankly sucks. But don’t worry, this week my five star is a can’t miss, so here goes

***** Play of the Week [0-1]: Michigan State (-4.5) at Purdue. This game is a gift from the linemakers, Purdue is done, they’re not going to a bowl game this year, may as well clean out their lockers, they’re busy thinking about semester break coming up. Michigan State can fling the pig around, as everyone else has on Purdue. Not even close.

**** Play [1-0]: UCLA (-9.5) at Arizona. UCLA has not covered recently, they need to get things going if they are going to have a snowballs chance in hell against USC in a month. I think they’re a good play here, look for them to win by two touchdowns. Arizona has a decent defense, but it’s nothing to write home about.

*** Play [1-0]: Rutgers (-3) vs. South Florida. Don’t look now, but Rutgers is playing as well as anyone in the Big East. South Florida had one big win at home against Louisville this year, but they’re a terrible road team, there averaging about 12 points away from home, and giving up 27, while Rutgers is averaging 30 at home and giving only 20.

** Play [0-1]: South Carolina (+4) at Arkansas. The Hogs are just plain awful, I don’t know how they’re even favored here, South Carolina isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but they are hot with three straight wins over Tennessee, Vandy and Kentucky. Arkansas’ two wins on the season are against a Sun Belt team in UL-Monroe, and a Division 1-AA team in Southwest Missouri State. Spurrier is on fire, he not only covers, he wins outright.

* Play [0-1]: Wake Forest (+8.5) at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is terrible against the spread, Wake Forest can play a little. This line is far too high, expecting Tech to cover more than one score against a decent team is asking to much of the Ramblin’ Wreck. This game goes down to the wire.